Missoula Montana
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The Fiddle School Missoula Montana
Watch for GIRLS with GUITARS Workshop (for girls 11-15). Beginning guitar instruction for singing and back-up rhythm styles.
LESSONS include CD-recorded Slow / Fast plays of tunes, tune maps, and rhythm guitar backup for home jamming.

Please call Ellie at The Fiddle School in Missoula (406) 721-3908 to schedule lessons or inquire.
All ages 8 to 80! Learn to PLAY the Fiddle from Montana's Master Fiddler Ellie Nuño. Jamm with other players! Improvise!
'Fiddling' has long been an 'aural tradition.' So learning how to play means LISTENING.

Ellie’s method includes Slow / Play Recordings of tunes and the use of 'tune maps,' which easily indicate bowing styles and ornamentation, and are very important to the sound of traditional fiddling.
Sessions are one-on-one (private). The Fiddle School also welcomes those interested in ‘Family Band’ playing.
Violin Music Lessons at The Fiddle School in Missoula Montana
Ellie Nuño is a self-described 'styles' player, which means she has studied the many and varied styles of fiddling: Old-Tyme, Bluegrass, Country, Celtic (Irish, Scottish, British Isles), Western Swing, New England, Cajun, and American and Jazz standards.
Benefits of Music Lessons:
- Improves Academic Skills
- Develops Physical Skills
- Cultivates Social Skills
- Refines Discipline & Patience
- Boosts Self Esteem